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A Message from Our Superintendent Regarding the School Board

I want to make everyone aware of a change in our school board that occurred March 20th, 2023. After much consideration, Cody Parrish, a 24-year board member and servant to our kids, staff, and community resigned his position as a Hardin ISD Board Member. 

Mr. Parrish played a vital role in the planning and construction phases of the new Elementary School and helped oversee countless upgrades to district wide facilities over the last 2 decades. Additionally, he has served as a mentor to many Board Members and Administrators throughout his years of service, basing every decision on what is best for our kids. Mr. Parrish wants to convey that he is extremely grateful for the support that he has received from the community throughout his tenure and that he will continue to support and encourage our kids and staff at Hardin ISD. 

Mr. Parrish will be greatly missed but has worked hard to ensure that the board is ready, willing and able to continue supporting students and staff with the best decisions possible and will follow proper procedures for a future replacement. 


Scott Mackey