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Announcement from the Superintendent - 5/4/2020

Students, Staff and Hardin ISD Community,

We have been diligently preparing for the end of school year procedures amid this terrible intrusion into our normal school activities. I would love to say we have developed a well-oiled process that is without flaws; however, the entire spring semester has been flawed due to COVID-19. We have developed a plan for Graduation, Senior Activities, End-of-Year Closeout as well as Instructional Packet Drop Off and Locker Cleanout. I ask that you please monitor the Hardin ISD webpage, Facebook and campus social media outlets for all directions regarding the aforementioned topics. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at 936-298-2112. We will present a grading rubric resolution to the Board in May and once that is approved, we will release to all students, staff and community. The following is a flyer concerning the Senior Class Activities that have been approved by the Senior Class Officers of the Graduating Class of 2020.

2020 Commencement