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Liberty Municipal Library is Offering Temporary Library Cards to Access Online Resources

The Liberty Municipal Library has extended a generous offer to all Hardin ISD Students that will provide access to all of the online resources and online books that the Liberty Municipal Library offers. To access the online resources and books you can contact the Liberty Municipal Library who will provide a temporary library card to Hardin ISD students. The temporary library cards will remain active throughout the COVID-19 closure. Once the Liberty Municipal Library reopens to the public from the COVID-19 closure the cards will be disabled, however a parent or guardian may come to the library to complete the paperwork to open a permanent library card for the student.
For more information or to receive the temporary library card, please contact the Liberty Municipal Library during normal business hours via phone at 936-336-8901. You will be asked to provide the first and last name of the student who will need a library card, a phone number to contact you at, and the home address for the Library's records. Alternatively you can email your questions to Links to the online resources can be found below. Attached to this email you will find guides to install the mobile apps.