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     Book Check Out 

    All Books are to be checked out with the librarian. In the event that no one is available to check out materials please use the Check Out Log on the clipboard located at the circulation desk. PRINT your first and last name, call no. (located on the spine of the book), book title and the checkout date. Each borrower will be given a checkout card to remind them of their due date.

    Fine Rates

    The fines for all overdue materials checked out is $.25 a day.

    Grace Period

    There is a three school day grace period on all materials before a fine is applied.

    Unpaid Fines and Fees

    If you have any unpaid fines, you WILL NOT be allowed to check out any material/books until fines are paid in full.

    Lost or Damaged

    If a book is lost or not returned with ALL late fees paid in full by the last day of school May 24, 2018 the student is held responsible for the full cost of the book(s). If a book is damaged but salvageable (to be determined by the library) there is a $5.00 damage fee.

    Last day to check out books is Friday May 4, 2018.


    Students may pay their Chromebook fees with the Librarian during school hours. If they are having any issues with their Chromebooks, they should bring it to the library for assistance. 

    If a student is in need of a Loaner Chromebook, these can be checked out in the Library. The Loaner Chromebooks are NOT to leave campus. They MUST be returned at the end of the school day. If they are not, the student will receive lunch detention the following day and any day after if the Loaner Chromebook is not returned. If you check out a Loaner because of non-payment, forgot the device at home or needing to be charged lunch detention will be issued. There is a Loaner Log Book you must sign into to receive a Loaner Chromebook.

    Library Use

    The library is open during all school days and is available to all students, faculty/staff, administrators or those with permission from the front office. Please note that the library may be closed at various times throughout the school year due to special events and testing. Signs will be posted on the doors to notify of such closures. 

    Students my use the desktop computers and work on any school related work/activities. 

    There is a library sign in/out sheet at the circulation desk. Students MUST sign in and out to use the library during instructional time. Teachers must send an email or pass to the librarian allowing and explaining the student's need to use the library during class time. 

    Teachers contact the librarian to schedule class usage of the library. 

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