• Jacob Lawrence and the Migration Series

    Jacob Lawrence and the Migration Series

    Jacob Lawrence's Migration Series (1940–41), a sequence of 60 paintings, depicts the mass movement of African Americans from the rural South to the urban North between World War I and World War II—a development that had received little previous public attention.

    Lawrence spent months distilling the subject into captions and preliminary drawings and preparing 60 boards with the help of his wife, artist Gwendolyn Knight. He created the paintings in tempera, a water-base paint that dries rapidly. To keep the colors consistent, Lawrence applied one hue at a time to every painting where it was to appear, requiring him to plan all 60 paintings in detail at once.

    The series was the subject of a solo show at the Downtown Gallery in Manhattan in 1941, making Lawrence one of the first black artists to be represented by a New York gallery. Interest in the series was intense. Ultimately, The Phillips Collection and New York's Museum of Modern Art agreed to divide it, with the Phillips buying the odd-numbered paintings.

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  • Author of the Month

    Posted by Amanda Blalock on 1/7/2019

    Author of the Month 


    Cassandra Clare

    Cassandra Clare

    Cassandra Clare was born to American parents in Teheran, Iran and spent much of her childhood travelling the world with her family, including one trek through the Himalayas as a toddler where she spent a month living in her father’s backpack. She lived in France, England and Switzerland before she was ten years old.

    Since her family moved around so much she found familiarity in books and went everywhere with a book under her arm. She is the author of the popular Mortal Instruments and Internal Devices series and more.

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    Cassandra Clare

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