• College Prep

    The goal of College Prep  is to provide students will unique skills that will be prepare them the rigors of both tradition college classes and post secondary technical/trade school.  We will work together to improve analyitical reading and writing accross multiple genres.  A big part of improving these skills is improving vocabulary and literary terms. 


    Vocabulary development is a very important element of College Prep.  Students will receive a vocabulary list at the beginning of every six weeks. From this list students will have two quizzes over all the words, students will have two tests over the complete list throughout the six weeks. Students may complete index cards that can be turned in for 5 Bonus points on every quiz and test.



     Professional Communicaiton

    The goal of professional communicaiton is help students improve their overall communication skills.  This will be accomplished with a series of activities and projects that will allow students to interact with each through nonverbal and verbal exchanges.  Also, students will complete speeches and projects to enhance their understanding of professioonal communicaiton. 


    Practical Writing 

    The goal of practial writing is to assist studnets in improving their reading and writing skill for future academic success. The course will use an interactive binder to track studnet progress and focus student work on specific areas.