Class Schedule


    1st Period- Algebra II               (7:50AM-8:40AM)

    2nd Period-College Prep Math   (8:45AM-9:00AM)

    3rd Period-College Prep Math    (9:45AM-10:35AM)

    4th Period-Algebra II Honors     (10:40AM-11:30AM)

    5th Period-Algebra II                (11:35AM-12:25PM)

    6th Period-Algebra II                (1:05PM-1:50PM)

    7th Period-Algebra II                (1:55PM-2:40PM)

    8th Period-Conference              (2:45PM-3:30PM)



    Monday and Wednesday After School 

    Monday-Thursday Before School or After School by appointment only

    (I try to be available anytime I am needed I just need to know that you need me.)