Love to Read...Read to do Math.

    Students are assigned a group of IXL Assignments each week.  These are daily class grades and once grades are entered, the assignments may not be made up or redone for a higher grade according to Hardin High School Grading Policy.  Students are given an ample amount of time to complete these assignments.  If you have any questions or concerns about IXL, please feel free to contact me.

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     Student will continue to read current events once a week.  Students are to go to and choose an article to read.  Once they have read the article, they are to answer pre-selected questions over the article.  They are to answer ALL questions in complete sentence form and leave no blanks on the paper.  The purpose of this assignment is for students to explore the world outside of our community.  


    These Current Event assignments are CLASS assignments and must be completed in class on the day they are assigned.  No late assignments will be excepted.  Students will receive a zero for any assignments not turned in before the end of class. (Per Hardin High School Grading Policy) 

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Welcome to MAPS-Math and Reading Lab

  • Welcome to MAPS Lab class. We are going to commit ourselves to improvement in basic reading,
    writing, spelling, and math skills, and we will work on these goals daily individually, in small groups,
    and in whole class situations.

  • 4th Period

    8th Period